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The Telecfe AJ3FENA Broadband Antenna is wide band Antenna with the following features:-


  • Model AJ3FENA – AJ3FENA6 – AJ3FENA7
  • Band II dipole
  • Broadband 87.5 to 108 MHz
  • 3.8 dBd average gain
  • Vertical polarization
  • Aluminium anticorodal


Available with the following connectors


AJ3FENA     N Type (Max 800W)

AJ3FENA6  7/16 (Max 2kW)

AJ3FENA7  7/8 (Max 2kW)



Telecfe AJ3FENA Broadband Antenna

  • AJ3FENA 

    N Type (Max 800W)


    7/16 (Max 2kW)


      7/8 (Max 2kW)

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