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The Tascam TM-70 Dynamic Microphone  is a dynamic microphone specifically engineered for broadcasting, podcasting and audio streaming.


Being tuned to the characteristics of the human voice, it captures the nuances of vocal performances while its super-cardioid polar pattern helps to minimize ambient noise. As a result, you get more of your voice, and less of the room.


The TM-70 delivers just the right mix-ready sound, so you can focus on your content rather than tweaking EQ settings.


Mic holder, desktop stand, and a connection cable are included in the package, giving you everything you need for the perfect performance.

Tascam TM-70 Microphone

    • Dynamic microphone with a frequency response and polar pattern optimised for podcast production and live reporting
    • Supercardioid directional pattern is ideal to capture single sound sources and is less sensitive to ambient noise
    • Pleasantly warm, realistic sound
    • Robust construction
    • No battery or other power supply required
    • Suspension shockmount, tabletop stand, and cable included
    • TM-70 Microphone
    • Suspension shock-mount
    • tabletop stand
    • cable
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