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The Tascam ML-16D/ML-32D 16/32-Channel Analogue-Dante-Analogue Converters are compact, high-quality analogue-Dante-analogue converters designed to transfer 16 or 32 analogue audio channels over a Dante network in both directions. Space-saving 25-pin D-sub connectors are provided for use with optional breakout boxes to input and output balanced, line-level analogue audio signals. Two Ethernet connectors (Dante Primary/Secondary) are available for redundant operation using two separate networks.


The units feature indicators for operation status and current sample rate as well as overload LEDs for each input and signal LEDs for each input and output. Switches on the rear side allow the user to set the required maximum input/output level. Any other settings, such as sampling frequency, channel routing or latency, can be made by the freely available “Dante Controller” computer application.


Dante is a network technology by Audinate offering high-performance audio distribution over standard IP networks. It supports hundreds of simultaneous channels of uncompressed audio with ultra-low latency and accurate synchronization.


With Dante module firmware V1.2.0, the ML16D/ML-32D now support SMPTE ST 2110-30, which will enable smooth IP transmission of PCM digital audio for structuring broadcast systems.


ST 2110 is a video and audio IP network standard defined by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). SMPTE ST 2110 is designed to separately embed and transmit video, audio, and ancillary signals, reducing the processing load for de-embedding and network load of each device, while also enabling users to de-embed only the packet data they desire for further edit. ST 2110-30 defines framework conditions for the IP transmission of PCM digital audio, enabling high-precision synchronization using PTP (IEEE1588-2008) and low latency. It is expected to become a network standard protocol in next-generation broadcasting systems.


The Dante network protocol enables building highly stable and flexible audio systems. Use a ML-32D to easily set up a 32-channel audio transmission line between, for example, a stage and a control room via a Dante network connection.


Using their primary and secondary connectors, ML-16D/ML-32D can be connected to two Ethernet network infrastructures at the same time. Should the main line (the primary network route) fail, the unit automatically switches to the spare line (the secondary network route). This way it is possible to build a highly secure audio system which does not cause an interruption or noise at all at the time of switching the networks.


The ML-16D/ML-32D uses Dante Controller for its own configuration and to connect to other devices within the Dante network. Using Dante Controller, you can flexibly route any single input and output channel to and from any other available Dante-compatible device.

Dante Controller is a free software application provided by Audinate. The latest version is available at the Audinate website


ML-16D/ML-32D also supports the AES67 network standard making it possible to interact with AES67-compatible audio networks including Ravenna.


Audio inputs and outputs of the ML-16D/ML-32D are available via D-sub 25-pin connectors. The advantage is that you can decide for yourself which connections you want to use. Tascam offers suitable breakout boxes with balanced Euroblock terminals or balanced male or female XLR connectors. Euroblock is ideal for a fixed configuration in permanent installations while XLR is more convenient when you change equipment more often.


Tascam ML-16D/ML-32D Dante to Analogue converter

  • The user manual can be downloaded here 

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