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The Tascam MH-8 is the ideal headphones amplifier for studio, stage and installation. Each of the eight stereo outputs delivers 250 mW per side with three switchable sources available.


Two stereo inputs can be shared to any of the outputs, and individual stereo direct inputs are available for each of the eight channels. A headphones channel can use any one of these inputs, or mix several together. And a set of foldback outputs allows the user to chain other MH-8s into a system.


The MH-8 is housed in a rugged, rack-mountable metal chassis with built-in power supply (no AC adapter), ground terminal and ground-lift switch for many years of safe and reliable operation.


Tascam MH-8 Headphones

  • The user manual can be downloaded here 

    • High-power headphones amplifier with flexible signal routing
    • 8 channels for one pair of stereo headphones each
    • 2 stereo inputs assignable to each headphones channel (input 1: balanced XLR/TRS, input 2: balanced XLR / unbalanced RCA)
    • Input level control, signal presence and overload LEDs on both stereo inputs
    • Additional switchable direct stereo input (balanced TRS) on each headphone channel (left input can be used for mono signals)
    • High output power (250 mW + 250 mW for each headphone)
    • Level control, signal presence and overload LEDs on each headphone channel
    • Each channel switchable to mono
    • Foldback outputs allow stereo input signals 1 and 2 to be looped through to other units
    • Ground terminal and ground lift switch on rear panel
    • Easy replaceable fuse
    • 1U rack-mountable chassis
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