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The Sonifex RB-MA2G Dual Microphone Amplifier consists of two independent low-noise microphone pre-amplifiers with front panel level controls and metering, for converting microphone level signals to line level, or for driving long lines from microphones to mixing equipment.


All connections are on the rear panel. The microphone input is XLR-3 type and is electronically balanced. The input gains can be adjusted individually by recessed pre-set potentiometers.

Two front panel potentiometers give ±12dB level adjustment and a 12 segment LED meter shows the audio level for each channel.


The XLR-3 line output is electronically balanced and can be wired unbalanced by grounding the non-phase signal, allowing you to feed both balanced and unbalanced equipment. For each channel there are independent switches to control a high pass filter (low frequency roll-off at 125Hz) and to provide phantom power at +48V to the connected microphone. An LED power indicator on the front panel displays the power supply connection.

Sonifex RB-MA2G Dual Microphone Amplifier

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