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The Sonifex PC-DAB Radio Capture Card receives and decodes the entire contents of up to four DAB+/DAB ensembles, rendering each audio service as a virtual Windows audio capture device for use with multi-channel recording or monitoring software.


Broadcast data services, including DLS text, MOT slideshows and full information from the fast information channel (FIC), are also available through a simple application programming interface.

The card supports both legacy DAB MP2 audio coding as well as the new HE-AAC v2 encoding used with DAB+ broadcasts.


Any application that records from standard wave input devices can be used to record the audio streams from the DAB+ Radcap. A recording level and mute control are provided for each service through the devices’ mixer ports.


A sample monitor application is included which displays a control panel for each card and creates buttons for each audio service. When a button is clicked, it plays the audio through the default output device while displaying information obtained from the service and any DLS text and MOT images being broadcast.


The number of ensembles is factory-set as 1 (PC-DAB1), 2, 3 or 4 (PC-DAB4) but is field-expandable through a purchased expansion key. Multiple cards can be installed, allowing simultaneous monitoring or recording of more than four ensembles.


A sample application is provided with the card, allowing monitoring of DAB+/DAB audio and data as well as providing diagnostic ensemble spectrum displays, signal quality indicators and an uncorrected error counter. Each card panel displays the ensemble name and identifier, along with the phase reference correlator level and signal spectrum.

Sonifex PC-DAB Radio Capture Card

  • Full Datasheet and brochure can be seen here

  • PC-DAB - DAB+ PCIe Radio Capture Card - 1 Ensemble
    PC-DAB2 - DAB+ PCIe Radio Capture Card - 2 Ensembles
    PC-DAB3 - DAB+ PCIe Radio Capture Card - 3 Ensembles
    PC-DAB4 - DAB+ PCIe Radio Capture Card - 4 Ensembles

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