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The Sonifex AVN-DIO12 is a dual microphone input to Dante® converter with adjustable mic gain in the Sonifex DIO range of Dante® input/output devices. It’s effectively 2 x AVN-DIO09 units in a single chassis, still offering A/D circuitry with a world-class E.I.N. of 129dB.


It features 2 balanced analogue XLR inputs and one Neutrik etherCON connector for direct connection to a Dante® AoIP network. Each mic has coarse and fine gain controls, high pass filter, phantom power & tri-color level LED and can be routed via Dante Controller to any Dante receiver.

It’s powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE), using a Neutrik etherCON connector for power and data redundancy. The AVN-DIO12 uses the latest Audinate Dante chipset so is AES67 and Dante Domain Manager compliant.


Gain Adjustment

The AVN-DIO012 has coarse and fine mic gain for each microphone input. The coarse gain is set using the toggle switch, which provides 20dB/50dB of gain. The fine gain can be set using a trimmer adjustment tool, or small flat blade screwdriver, and adds between 0dB and 36dB of additional gain.


High Pass Filter

Each microphone input has an on/off toggle switch which turns the high pass filter on or off. When enabled, it acts on frequencies below 125Hz at a roll-off of 6dB/octave.


Phantom Power

Phantom power is enabled/disabled via a toggle switch on the front panel for each microphone input. When enabled, a 48V DC supply is provided to power an appropriate microphone. The red LED next to each input will illuminate to indicate phantom power is enabled.


Audio Level LED

To help you set the mic gain, a level LED is provided on the front panel for each microphone input to display the audio level being sent to the Dante network.  The indicator thresholds are as follows:

  • Off: Level is under -38dBFS (-20dBu)
  • Green: Level is between -38dBFS (-20dBu) and -18dBFS (0dBu)
  • Amber: Level is between -18dBFS (0dBu) and -10dBFS (+8dBu)
  • Red: Level is above -10dBFS (+8dBu)


Note: When using a phantom powered microphone, it may be necessary to earth the unit using the rear panel earth tag to eliminate mains hum.


2 x balanced microphone input on XLR sockets with latch locks.

  • Neutrik EtherCon® Ethernet connection.
  • Single turn pots setting fine mic gain (0dB – 36dB).
  • Coarse mic gain switches (+20db/+50dB).
  • High pass filter on/off switches.
  • Ultra-high quality, wide dynamic range A/D conversion.
  • Phantom power on/off switches.
  • Phantom power LED indicators.
  • Level LED indicators.
  • Fully Dante compliant device.
  • AES67 compatible.
  • Dante Domain Manager compliant.
  • Powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet).
  • Clock, PoE and Sync LEDs.
  • Supplied with belt-clip, shoulder strap hooks (but not the strap) and underdesk mounting plate.
  • 3 x units rackmount in the AVN-DIORK.

Sonifex AVN-DIO12 is a dual microphone input to Dante® converter

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