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The Sonifex AVN-AESIO8R Audio Converter and interface converts up to eight digital stereo AES3 inputs and eight digital stereo AES3 outputs to and from the Dante Audio-over-IP networking standard. Each input can accept sample rates from 32kHz to 192kHz, which will be sample rate converted to the Dante system sample rate. A valid input signal is confirmed by front panel AES3 lock LEDs for each input. All outputs follow the Dante system sample rate.


Dual Ethernet ports allow the unit to operate in redundant mode, ensuring audio routing is maintained in the event of loss of link on either of the network connections. This cost effective 1U rack-mount unit offers an easy solution for AV professionals and system integrators. It is simple to configure and operate, with all set-up done via the standard Dante Controller software and power via PoE (Power Over Ethernet).


All digital AES3 inputs and outputs are on high-quality Neutrik XLR connectors and there are front panel status/confidence LEDs for PoE, Link and Clock.

Sonifex AVN-AESIO8R Audio Converter

    • 8 x balanced digital stereo AES3 inputs on XLR, supporting input rates of 32kHz – 192kHz.
    • Sample rate conversion on physical inputs to Dante system sample rate.
    • 8 x balanced digital stereo AES3 outputs on XLR, output rate matches Dante system sample rate.
    • 2 x RJ45 Dante connectors (1Gb/s Ethernet Port) allowing the unit to operate in redundant or switched modes.
    • PoE and Link LED status indicators for each Ethernet port.
    • Clock LED status indicator.
    • AES3 Lock LED status indicators for each input.
    • Configuration using Dante Controller.
    • AES67 operation & Dante Domain Manager compliant.
    • Powered by PoE on either (or both) Ethernet ports, offering power supply redundancy.
    • 1U 19” rack-mount form factor.

    (The AVN-AESIO8 is available with a single Ethernet port)

  • Full Datasheet and brochure can be seen here

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