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The Label Italy AKSE/1N Antenna is a low cost 500W Broadband Dipole Antenna. Completely made of aluminium with a TEFLON insulator.


Light weight and high resistance anodised finish aids corossion protection. All metallic parts are electrically grounded.


This antenna can be disassembled and packed with reduced size for easier transportation.

Label Italy AKSE/1N Antenna

  • Frequency band    87.5 - 108 MHz
    Impedance    50 Ohm
    V.S.W.R.    <1.4:1
    Gain    2 db
    Connectors    N - 7/16
    Power    500W
    Polarization    Vertical
    Dimensions    1400x850x60 mm
    Weight    4.5Kg

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