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The Label Italy AKG/1 Wideband Antenna is a quality antenna that can be used with many FM transmitters.


Its broadband tuning means it will work between 87.5 to 108MHz without any issues. Their almost omnidirectional diagram makes it the most used antenna model, especially for city or countryside installations.


Made of Stainless steel, this durable antenna is designed for Vertically polarized signals and is available in various versions. The stainless steel is treated with an electrochemical method that makes it uniform in color and eliminates the weld marks. All the metal parts are electrically grounded to prevent possible problems arising from lightning .


Input Connector - N Type

Max Power - 800W


Input Connector - 7/16

Max Power - 2kW


Input Connector - 7/8

Max Power - 3kW


Label Italy AKG/1 Wideband Antenna

  • Frequency band    87.5 - 108 MHz
    Impedance    50 Ohm
    V.S.W.R.    <1.25:1
    Gain    1.5 dBd
    Connectors    N / 7/16" / 7/8"
    Power    800w - 3 KW dependant on connector
    Polarization    Vertical
    Dimensions    152x124x115 cm

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