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The Inovonics DAVID IV 719Nis the fourth generation processor in our DAVID (vs. Goliath) series of FM and HD Radio™ air-chain processors. Our streamlined, 100% DSP-based audio engine gives you total leverage over the most important sonic ‘signature’ parameters, while smart controls allow you to enhance program material quickly and effectively.


Processing includes 5 bands of dynamics compression with equalization, intelligent gain-riding AGC (Automatic Gain Control), Bass and Stereo Field Enhancements, and our proprietary PIPP™ (Polarity Independent Peak Processing) limiter.


Processing is integrated with a high-performance stereo generator, featuring multiple independent level outputs, and an RDS sync with active and metered internal combining.


Also included are 25 factory presets optimized for popular contemporary world formats and 20 customizable user presets that can easily shared over station networks.The DAVID IV 719N may be set up and controlled using the intuitive front-panel menu display and jog wheel, or through an intuitive Network Web GUI.

Inovonics DAVID IV 719N Audio Processor

    • Intuitive, menu-driven set-up and IP interface for remote Web access and control

    • 25 factory presets and 20 customizable presets

    • IP connectivity for SNMP monitor and control

    • Streamlined 4th Generation DSP-based audio processor

    • 5 Bands of Dynamic Range Compression and ´Graphic EQ´

    • Precision FM Stereo generator with dual outputs, internal metering of your RDS/RBDS subcarrier

    • Multilingual Front Panel Menu in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

    • HD Delay (optional)

  • The user manual can be downloaded here 

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