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The Inovonics 660 INOmini DAB+ Monitor/Receiver provides off-air reception of all standard DAB & DAB+ broadcasts in a compact INOmini package.


The 660 tunes to all of Band III, conforming to worldwide standards and meeting a particular need for monitoring digital broadcasts off-air. The 660 has an easy set-up using the LCD screen with jog-wheel navigation of the menu tree. The front-panel displays the most-essential DAB and DAB+ PAD (Program Associated Data) information.


Alarms for Carrier Loss, Digital Program Loss, and Audio Loss are provided on the LCD front-panel and rear-panel tallies. The 660 has Analog L/R and AES-digital program line outputs.


The compact 1/3-rack-size unit integrates with other Inovonics INOmini products, including RDS encoders and decoders, AM/FM/HD-Radio confidence monitors with IP control and streaming audio, and other economic problem-solvers for broadcasters.

Inovonics 660 INOmini DAB+ Receiver

    • Reception of all standard DAB and DAB+ broadcasts

    • Easy setup using the LCD screen and jog-wheel navigation of the receiver’s menu tree

    • Front-panel display of most-essential DAB and DAB+ PAD (Program-Associated Data) information

    • Analog L/R and AES-digital program line outputs

    • Front-panel alarms with rear-panel tallies for Carrier Loss, Digital Program Loss and Audio Loss

    • Firmware updates via USB port on front panel

    • Headphone jack

  • Tuning Range

    DAB Band III, Mode I (174.928MHz - 239.200MHz); all EBU-sanctioned frequency allocations (Blocks 5-12, A-D) plus Block 13 A-F

    Receiver Sensitivity

    10μV for error-free reception

    Antenna Input

    75-ohm (BNC)

    Audio Codecs

    MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 (MP2); HE-AAC (AAC+)

    Audio Response

    ±0.25dB, 20Hz-20kHz

    Signal Parameters Displayed

    FQ (FIC Quality), RF (RSSI), SNR, CNR

    Metadata Displayed

    Ensemble Label, Component List & ID, Service List & ID, Dynamic Label, PTY, Sample Rate, Bit Rate, Gain, Mode, Service Mode, Protection Info, Current CU & Address, Country, Language, Time & Date

    Analog Audio Outputs

    Balanced Analog L/R (XLR); level is menu-adjustable between –15dBu and +15dBu. S/N: 100dbA @ 3kHz for Analog output.

    Digital Audio Output

    AES3 (XLR), 44.1kHz sampling rate; audio level is menu-adjustable between –30dBFS and 0dBFS. S/N: >100dbA @ 3kHz for AES Digital.

    Headphone Jack

    3.5mm TRS with menu-adjustable level

    USB Connector

    Allows firmware updates

    Alarm Tallies

    Individual open-collector NPN transistor outputs for Low Signal, DAB Loss, Audio Loss; alarm thresholds, delays and logic polarity

    Power Requirement

    +12VDC at 220mA (2.1mm x 5.5mm coaxial; A universal inline switchmode power supply is provided.

    Mounting Options

    An optional rack adapter accepts up to three INOmini modules in a 1U rack space.

    Size and Weight

    • 1.6”H x 5.5”W x 5.5”D
    • 4 lbs shipping weight
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