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The Inovonics 272 NOVIAFM Stereo Processor is a half-rack, digital audio processor with Stereo-Gen and RDS for FM radio broadcast.


With particular stress on ease of installation and use, the NOVIA 272 incorporates intuitive, multi-language menu-driven setup, as well as an IP/browser interface compatible with any PC or mobile device. Multiple factory and user-defined processing presets streamline the setup process. IP connectivity also provides local and email failure alarms, plus support for SNMP operation.


The NOVIA 272 accepts both program line and streaming inputs and allows remote IP audio monitoring.


The NOVIA 272 is a comprehensive FM airchain processor and includes the stereo-multiplex generator and a full-function dynamic RDS/ RBDS RadioData encoder.


Processing combines ‘gain-riding’ AGC, r.m.s. leveling, parametric EQ, enhanced bass ‘punch,’ multiband compression, wideband and independent high frequency final limiting and composite clipping.


The internal RDS/RBDS encoder is compatible with common playout systems to present dynamic song title and artist information.


In addition to quick and easy front-panel setup, an IP interface enables total remote control of the NOVIA 272 using any PC or mobile device. This interface also accepts streamed program sources, allows remote audio monitoring and provides full SNMP support.


Program audio failure alarms trigger local tally closures and instantly dispatch SMS/email notifications to selected personnel. Alarms are also logged for later analysis.


Setup and operation are simplified with 10 factory processing presets, and 10 additional presets may be user-defined. An internal scheduler is included for dayparting

Inovonics 272 NOVIA Audio Processor

  • • All-digital, DSP-based design; internal scheduler, instant boot, non-volatile preset memories
    • Accepts analog, AES-digital and streaming program inputs; streams processed audio for
    remote monitoring and program verification
    • Failover feature may be programmed to switch to alternate sources when audio is lost
    • Assignable GPIOs plus full IP connectivity for remote control, SNMP and streaming I/O
    • Gated and ‘windowed’ AGC and ‘syllabic’ leveling for program consistency; parametric EQ,
    adjustable bass ‘punch’ enhancement and 3-band compression with selectable crossovers
    • Tight broadband peak control and independent pre-emphasis protection limiting
    • Built-in stereo-generator includes full-featured RDS/RBDS encoding compatible with virtually
    any station automation system
    • A wide range of factory processing presets plus programmable custom user-presets

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