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The Inovonics 223 INOmini is an audio processing powerhouse in a deceptively small package. Its versatile DSP-based design is user programmable to serve multiple broadcast applications - NRSC, AM, FM, SCA, TIS.


The unit addresses the needs of NRSC-compliant AM broadcasting with a range of cutoff frequencies, TIS (Traveler’s Information Service) advisories, monaural LPFM transmission, and analog SCA subcarriers. A full-range ‘Studio’ mode satisfies mic processing and general production needs.


The INOmini 223 features gated and windowed gain-riding AGC, 3 bands of adjustable dynamic range compression with selectable crossovers and variable EQ, and tight ‘lookahead’ peak control. Pre-emphasis, with its own protection limiting, and overshootcontrolled output filtering are individually and specifically tailored to the service selected.

Inovonics 223 INOmini Audio Processor

    • Ideal for: US/NRSC AM, Worldwide AM, Shortwave, US/Euro Monaural FM, TIS, and analog SCA

    • Easy menu / jog-wheel setup from the front panel

    • Performs AGC, 3-Band Compression, Peak Control, and Output Filtering specific to the selected application

    • User-adjustable compression, EQ, limiting, and program density

    • DSP ‘lookahead’ limiting offers tight peak control without clipping

    • USB connector enables fast firmware updates in the field

    • Headphone jack

  • Operating Modes

    • NRSC-compliant asymmetrical AM processing with 10kHz, 9kHz, 7kHz, and 5kHz (9-pole Cauer)cutoffs
    • TIS asymmetrical AM processing with 5kHz (9-pole Cauer) cutoff
    • FM processing (monaural) with 75μs/50μs pre-emphasis and 15kHz (7-pole Cauer) cutoff.
    • SCA processing with smooth 5kHz (6th order Butterworth) cutoff

    Frequency Response

    20Hz – 20kHz, ±0.1dB in PROOF and Studio modes; all specialized applications conform to specified cutoff characteristics.


    0.02% THD in PROOF mode.


    Better than 72dB below the limited ceiling level measured through an appropriate de-emphasis network.

    Program Line Input

    Active-balanced (XLR) analog input, accepts nominal line levels between –20dBu and +20dBu.

    Program Line Output

    Active-balanced (XLR) delivers output levels between –15dBu and +12dBu corresponding to 100% modulation; 200-ohm resistive source. A switch under the top cover inserts a 20dB pad in the output for transmitters requiring a low level input.


    3.5ms – 4.5ms, depending on selected application.

    Headphone Jack

    Front-panel (TRS) 3.5mm.

    USB Port

    Front-panel connection for firmware updates.


    Input / Output / AGC Gain / Compression / Limiting


    Flashing front-panel indication of audio loss and AGC out-of-range.

    Power Requirement

    12VDC at 200mA (2.1mm x 5.5mm coaxial); inline switchmode power supply included.

    Mounting Options

    An optional rack adapter mounts one, two, or three INOmini format units in a standard 19-inch, 1U rack space.

    Size and Weight

    1.6”H x 5.5”W x 5.5”D 4 lbs. shipping weight


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