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The Deviser E8900A 5G Handheld Spectrum Analyzer is the answer with radio bandwidth requirements escalating to all-time highs, the 5G New Radio (NR) standard is poised to change the landscape of wireless communications. 5G NR promises to elevate the possibilities of 5G network service to all-new levels of flexibility and efficiency. To claim a foothold in this space, providers and technicians must be able to characterize higher frequencies - and at higher speeds - than was possible in previous generations of spectrum analysis.


To meet this need, Deviser Instruments has designed the E8900A: a 5G NR spectrum analyzer boasting a frequency range of 9 kHz to 9 GHz, a wider-than-ever IF span of 100 MHz, the speed to conduct 3+ full-span sweeps per second at 7.8 kHz RBW, and a range of digital and analog test modes designed to provide a comprehensive picture of the signal environment - including 5G NR gNB demodulation and high-accuracy interference location.


Signal Scan Up To 9.0 GHz

The E8900A performs standard spectrum analysis up to 9,000 MHz and 5G NR analysis up to 6,000 MHz. Rapid sweeps help capture bursty signals in real time, and deep customization options allow both new and experienced technicians to zero in on key data.

Deviser E8900A 5G Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

  • Key Features

    • High-performance handheld analyzer for construction & maintenance of 5G NR systems
    • Frequency range 9 kHz ~ 9 GHz
    • High-speed analysis, measuring 30 GHz/s @ 7.8 kHz RBW
    • Test and demodulate 5G NR (FR1); TDD-LTE; FDD-LTE signals
    • IQ data acquisition
    • Internal and external antenna for max accuracy
    • Additional modes include spectrogram; DPS; gated sweep;
    • GPS data for locating interference
    • Can support correlative interferometer DF antenna
    • 10.1" capacitive touchscreen for easy control & visibility
    • Numerous data transfer options: LAN, USB, & more
  • The Datasheet can be downloaded here

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