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The Deviser DS8853Q Portable Spectrum Analyzer is used to analyse RF signals with a comprehensive set of measurements for HFC networks. This versatile spectrum analyzer can also be used to analyze the systems of mobile communication and satellite networks.  The unit can be connected to a PC to effortlessly transfer test results, channel plans and screen captures.


Key Benefits

  • Portable, high-performance spectrum analyzer with up to 3 GHz range
  • Enables user to quickly repair and troubleshoot problems by identifying impairments
  • Detect interference from sources such as microwaves, phones, satellite and wifi to maintain HFC network at optimal performance
  • Remotely configure and perform tests from anywhere,
  • anytime through Ethernet or SCPI
  • Verify terrestrial digital tv (air) channels with 8VSB-ATSC modulation
  • One-button automated, analog and digital FCC proof-of-performance test
  • Convenient data storage and instrument upgrade through USB
  • Validate components with tracking generator

Deviser DS8853Q Portable Spectrum Analyzer

  • Key Features

    CATV Analysis:

    • Level, HUM, Depth of Modulation, C/N, CSO/CTB, Cross Modulation, In-Channel Frequency Response Differential Phase/Gain, Chrominance to Luminance Delay Inequality, etc.

    DVB-C Analysis:

    • Constellation, Power Level, MER, Pre & Post BER, EVM, EVS, MER/BER Statistical Analysis, etc.

    Spectrum Analysis:

    • Real-time Sweep, Fine adjustable RBW/VBW, High Accuracy, etc. DS8831Q & DS8853Q

    Spectrum Analyzer Series

    The DS8853Qis a versatile portable QAM/Spectrumanalyzer series, featuring extensive analog and digital RF signal analysis capabilities, necessary on today’s modern HFC networks. With the migration towards fully digital CATV plants and the constant challenges of new services potentially interfering with HFC networks, the modern CATV maintenance technician requires easy-to-use, high performance test equipment allowing him to keep the network running at optimal performance. The DS8853Q/8831Q series provides a familiar, intuitive user interface allowing the technician to actually troubleshoot and run tests, rather than figuring out how to run the instrument.

  • The Datasheet can be downloaded here

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