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The Deviser DS2600C Digital TV QAM Analyzer is a handheld unit, integrated multiple in one instrument, with a comprehensive and complete measurement suite specifically designed for HFC network testing, troubleshooting and maintenance work.


The DS2600C is the CATV field engineer's best tool. The DS2600C main functions include: Enhanced Spectrum Analysis, Analog TV analysis, Digital TV analysis, DOCSIS 3.0 analysis, Return Path Sweep, Upstream Signal Generator, Simple Ethernet testing, WiFi testing and Auto Test.


DS2600C's hardware and new added functions have outstanding performance. DS2600C added some important functions, most of these functions support engineer inservice
measurement or check interference signal. In upstream spectrum analysis function, user can do persistence analysis (any frequency band, max span 206MHz) to find traditional spectrum analyzer fail to capture interference signal. For analog TV measurement, gated C/N, CSO, CTB measurement can in-service do channel non-linear test. For CMTS downstream signal and DVB-C signal, DS2600C provide EVS function to check QAM signal covered interference without interrupt service signal. For Cable Modem upstream signal, we can use persistence analysis function to check interference signal without interrupt service. With DS1610 broadband network monitor system DS2600C can do reverse path sweep. DS2600C support PC installed Toolbox software for small scale application and support Asset and Test-date Management system SYNCOR for large scale application.

Deviser DS2600C Digital TV QAM Analyzer

  • The Datasheet can be downloaded here

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