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The DEVA DB8009-MPX is an exceptional example of a top-notch silence detector that continues the company’s hugely successful range of broadcast tools but at the same time stands apart in terms of the functionalities it provides users with. It guarantees highly dependable monitoring of the Composite Stereo signal, Analog and Digital Audio feed and in case of signal loss automatically switches over to one of a number of available backup sources.


Crucially, however, the most notable advantage of this product are the MPX inputs and outputs providing precisе MPX monitoring and backup capabilities. Similarly to other tools in this product line, the DB8009-MPX also offers the familiar MP3 and IP Audio backup options. Its design incorporates a fully DSP-based Stereo Encoder which provides an MPX signal at the output even if the backup source has been set as Analog, Digital or IP Audio.


The unit can be easily configured and monitored by users via SNMP, the WEB Interface, the front panel LCD display and the set of soft buttons. Another important feature is its capability for alert notifications which, in case radio silence is detected, can be generated via email, SNMP or analog opto-coupled outputs.


The DB8009-MPX provides UPnP for easy discovery in local networks, as well as digital volume control of all audio sources, and can be incorporated effortlessly into the setup of either a single station or large radio networks. Through a standard FTP client, MP3 backup files can be uploaded onto the device, which also has a 4GB storage capacity ensuring no repetition of audio tracks for over 24 hours of playback.


The DB8009-MPX is a model that combines the immaculate monitoring performance of DEVA’s products with the much-valued precision of the Analog, Digital Audio and MPX silence detection to deliver a constant, uninterrupted audio feed.

DEVA Broadcast DB8009-MPX Silence Monitor

    • Fully DSP based core
    • Intelligent Silence Detector and Backup Audio Switcher
    • User selectable backup audio sources priority
    • Configuration and Monitoring via SNMP, WEB, Front Panel LCD and Keyboard
    • Alert Notifications via E-mail, SNMP
    • Lots of Storage for over 24 hours of non-repeating audio playback
    • Always Fresh Backup Audio Tracks with Embedded FTP server
    • Professional Balanced Stereo analog inputs and outputs on XLR connectors
    • Professional AES/EBU Digital audio inputs and output on XLR connectors
    • Headphones Jack on the front panel for local monitoring of the Audio Signal
    • TCP/IP Remote monitoring and control via SNMP and WEB Interface
    • Multiformat IP Audio Stream (three separate sources)
    • Built-in MP3 Player
    • External or internal Digital clock sync
    • Digital Volume Control of all Audio Sources
    • Protected access to the device settings
    • UPnP for easy discovery in Local Networks
    • Professional 19 inches, 1U aluminum rack mount chassis
    • Wide Range Internal Power Supply 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
    • Easy installation and operation
    • Remote Firmware Upgrade for future-proof operation
    • 2 Years Warranty
  • The datasheet can be seen here 

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