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The DEVA Broadcast Band Scanner 2 - FM Analyzeris a revolutionary device that builds on the features of the legendary Band Scanner to provide you with the ultimate tool to assess FM broadcast band congestion and log station identification parameters.


In keeping with the characteristics of its famous predecessor, this impressive tool can measure RF level, MPX deviation, Left & Right Audio Levels, RDS and Pilot injection levels. During a campaign, measurements are stored in a log file, after which they can be easily converted into KMZ format and visualized in Google Earth.


To power the system, all you need is the USB port of any Windows PC. With the Band Scanner 2 you can view playlists of the competitive stations, as well as save and export them into and Excel file. The free-of-charge Windows software sweeps the receiver across the FM band and generates a spectrum display of carrier level versus frequency. Each carrier is analyzed and a station list is created. This sophisticated product further refines stations with an RDS presence to show all radio data groups transmitted.


It allows for manual tuning through the receiver screen or by double-clicking a point on the spectrum plot or an entry on the station list. There are two ways to save spectrum plots - as jpeg or bmp files.


A separate window on the receiver screen displays the RDS data error level.

DEVA Broadcast Band Scanner 2

    • FM Band 64 – 107.9 MHz Spectrum Analyzer
    • MPX, PILOT & RDS deviation meters
    • External composite MPX and RDS input
    • Built-in Stereo decoder
    • LEFT and RIGHT level meters
    • Built-in 12-channels GPS Receiver
    • Measurement results visualization in Google Earth
    • Full feature RDS and RBDS decoder


    • RDS/RBDS Groups Detector & Analyzer
    • RDS/RBDS Stream BER meter
    • RDS/RBDS Data Logger
    • View playlists of the competitive stations
    • Saving and exporting the playlists to Excel file
    • Compare the signal strength to competitors and other stations
    • Pocket size USB powered box. No external power supply required
    • Tracking all the detailed histories saved in the RDS Data Log
  • The Datasheet can be seen here 

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