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With the D&R AXITE Digital Mixer, the I/O RACK as the central core containing all the in/output sources you can build 4 complete Studios with the number of faders you need (in steps of 6) depending how you configure this On-air Digital mixer. Per studio you need 1x AXITE main 6 fader control surface including the master CRM section and Play-out control section for jingles. And maybe a second or third 6 fader Extender unit.All control surfaces are linked with Ethernet cat-5 cables

But you’ll also need signal sources for all of these faders, Mic Line and/or a couple of channels for your play-out system.  As an example, you can use D&R AIRCAST software that streams the audio over USB or via Cat 5 to our  16 channel AES67/USB  I/O card.
In the control surfaces source select menu, you can select the outputs of the play-out system channels and assign them to the faders you want.


There is a choice between Rack-One (21 cards) and RACK-Two (42 cards) dependent upon how many input/output cards are needed for one or more studio’s


Redundancy for power supplies can be added for both the fader panels and the I/O racks as an option.


The new AXITE system gives you an idea of how your studio(s) could become a digital studio platform with  the AXITE as a centerpiece. Clearly it is advantageous to capitalize on using one single but very flexible networked system like the AXITE to achieve this goal.


There is a built-in security level to prevent unauthorized operation so that only those persons that have the knowledge of the system can control specific programming.


The AXITE can also be configured in a custom format. 

Please contact us for more details and a quote.

D&R AXITE Digital Mixer

  • AXITE with 12 Faders + CRM section in Dropthrough

    1x Mic AD, 2x Line AD, 1x Line DA, 1x CRM, 1x DSsrc, 1x Hybrid, Rack ONE has space for 8 more I/O cards, 4x breakout panels are included

    Custom options

    Please contact us for more details and a quote.

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