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With the D&R Airlite USB-VoIP on-air mixer you can now own a modern type of radio mixer for a very attractive price.


It’s a new carefully handmade piece of precision equipment and well built around proven low noise circuitry.It is an intelligent mixer with an internal USB control section that comfortably enhances daily use and even has a silence detector built in. It is a reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J. It has a built in Telephone VOIP functionality, 4 in/out channels of stereo USB and 3 very low noise Mic inputs.

The Airlite is ideal for ON-AIR, Production and streaming to the web. It is built into a heavy duty RF shielded chassis, designed with elegantly rounded corners.

The Airlite mixer has 3 balanced, phantom powered mic inputs with inserts for voice processors, 8 stereo line inputs, 4 USB channels and 1 Telephone VoIP channel. A Cleanfeed output is available for connection to an external Hybrid. Only one physical USB connection is the interface for transferring 4 stereo audio channels from and to your PC, plus control data from the control section and for the meter application. The VoIP Channel 8 has its own USB connector to be able to have your calls coming from another PC. Connection to a second USB connector on your main PC is of course also possible. Dedicated Talk back to the VoIP channel makes conversation with callers very easy.

The Cue bus is also a communication buss, so the announcer can easily have a discussion with the caller while ON-AIR. Just hit the two related CUE buttons and you’re talking. And... when a call comes in your attention is instantly drawn by a clear signal to be seen on the Meter screen.

There is a very musical 3 band Equalizer on channel 1-3. The stereo Aux send can be selected pre or post fader. And all high quality low noise mic inputs have a high quality built in low cut filter.


smart programming

The Airlite modules can be easily tailored to your own needs as you can see on the software program pages shown below or in the manual. All 8 modules have their own page where you can program Cue reset enabled by line, Mic, Fader, On etc. You can even decide if you want 10dB fader gain or not. Both ON-AIR busses 1 and 2 can be enabled by Line or Mic. You can even program your own switch colors, activate the CRM mutes per module and program the Studio Remote and if you want your Phantom on or off individually, this is programmable per channel.

GPIO functions have the following states;

- Continuously - Pulse by ON - Pulse by OFF - Pulse by ON/OFF

And... all settings can be stored (write) and loaded (read), see the software pages below that indicates all its possibilities. The manual gives of course more detailed info on this subject.



The master section is designed for Radio. It houses all the master controls such as the stereo Aux send and return, Control Room Monitor (CRM), Announcer and a high level, low impedance, phones output. Auto Cue provides both the Announcer and CRM outputs to follow the CUE selections. CUE reset cancels all activated Cue selections. The Control Room Monitors are muted automatically to cut control room level when the D.J. Mic is active. A Studio output (announcer) that normally follows the main output can be routed by activating Auto Cue in a way any Cue signal that is selected can be heard. Three Talk-back switches individually activate the built-in talkback microphone which has its own gain control for communication to VoIP, Announcer and Aux outputs. Talkback can also take place to all outputs at the same time. The NON STOP button at the top of the design routes USB channel 4 to the program output when activated.


mic line

The Airlite has an internal USB voice tracking bus that can be directly routed to a play-out system with Voice tracking capabilities. A very low noise mic input, followed by a musical equalizer, drives a smooth running fader that controls a stereo VCA.  Also the fader start is electronically detected.​The Airlite can also be used for production while ON-AIR when it is put into the NON-STOP mode. ​This Non-Stop switch routes the first USB channel directly to the main outputs. It does this also automatically when the internal silence detector detects silence. The CUE switch is also a communication system to easily talk to callers outside the broadcast. The ON switch and also the fader have “fader start” possibilities when needed.



Every Airlite USB Channel can accept a stereo source from a play-out system. Gain sets the input level. Cue is Pre listening and the ON switch and fader can activate tracks. The stereo line inputs can accept CD players. The CUE is also a communication bus that allows callers on the VoIP channel to listen to the music and DJ without being on-air. There are four USB stereo in- and outputs. The inputs are internally routed to channel 4 to 7 where the USB input of channel four is also routed to the Non-Stop switch. The USB outputs, seen as inputs on your PC, are connected to the Program output, Aux send, Voice track and Air-in. The Air-In input can be connected to your external processing unit and in this way you can stream your processed signal directly to the Internet without the use of an extra sound card.



Simply plug the dedicated VoIP USB cable from the mixer to your PC and set up a connection, for instance with SKYPE. A separate Gain control and VoIP send control let’s you adjust the send and return levels. An incoming line (visible on screen) can be pick up by the blinking Conn button, pre-listened by the CUE switch and brought into your radioshow by the ON switch and/or Fader. If you want to use an analog Hybrid, we have added an extra cleanfeed output and you can return the signal in the VOIP channel's line input. The internal built in Electret Talkback microphone can be routed to the caller outside the broadcast by activating the TB to VoIP switch in the master section.



On the right side of the Airlite mixer you see 16 illuminated (green/red) switches. These switches can be used to control functions in your Radio Automation software such as starting jingles. Recording a voice track while ON-AIR is one of the possibilities. Just hold a CUE switch for 3 seconds and the mixer goes into VOICE TRACKING MODE. Any switch can perform a function of your play-out software that you decide would be convenient to control. Master controls in the master section are Announcer, Phones and CRM. When activating the Auto Cue for CRM and the Announcer, any selected CUE can be heard. As soon as the DJ mic opens the CRM mutes of course to avoid feedback. TALK BACK to all important outputs is directly accessible on the right hand side.


metering software

​The Airlite sends out control signals over USB, based on the HID protocol. This also means that the main output signals can be displayed on a TFT screen in a beautiful meter application.

Program and CRM stereo signals are shown on a high resolution PPM. On the right side you see the status of various console functions. Indicators such as ON-AIR 1 or 2, Non Stop mode, Silence detection, Mic-On and CRM mute. And also incoming calls will be shown. Channel status and input selection is displayed at the bottom of the TFT screen (not included in the delivery). At the same time this software application shows you a professional looking Radio clock that is synchronized with your local PC.



  • Airlite-USB

    8 channel triple input radio On-Air console with 3x MIC, 4x USB and 1x VOIP

    Airlite AES/EBU Digital output

    Optional Output


    The Studio Remote is designed to be the remote and communication interface between the mixing console and the announcer or guest.


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