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The AxelTech TIGER E3 and E5 RDS Encoder Stereo Generator is the device that can manage each kind of FM Transmitter Site and fulfilsevery custom requirement, from large national FM networks to local stations.TIGER E3/E5 is 7 devices in 1, thanks to the power of the digital technology Tiger E5 can fulfil the following functions: IP Audio Codec / Audio Changeover / Audio Limiter / Stereo Generator / RDS Encoder / MPX Changeover / FM Monitoring System with integrated Tuner.


TIGER E3/E5 can manage and decode MPX and RDS signals, receive IP Audio streaming signals, be connected and analyze Analog and Digital audio signals; thanks to the audio 4 channels Audio changeover and MPX Changeover it can handle every kind of received signal in a transmitting site.TIGER E3/E5 has a double IP streaming receiver and SD card player managed by a multimedia changeover.


TIGER E3/E5 supports the most advanced RDS dynamic services, including TMC, ODA, IH, TDC, EWS, Radio Text and Radio Text plus. TIGER E3/E5 allows to interface Radio Automation Systems to display song title, artist and other information, but always compliant to the CENELEC (Europe), NRSC (America) and UECP v7.05.The built-in ITU BS412 multiplex power controller acts on the output to meet even the most strict European government regulations.To control all these functions, a web interface has been created that can be used by any browers with any device from the smartphone to the laptop.To satisfy the most demanding technicians TIGER E3/E5 is SNMP v2c compliant.


TIGER E3/E5 manages different kind of audio sources such as Analog & Digital audio, IP-Audio, Backup-Player and MPX, thanks to the 4 channels audio changeover and 2 channel MPX Changeover.A delay can be assigned to any source and allows the time alignment of two or more sources.It is possible to use the internal audio player as a backup if all the external sources fail.The internal limiter continuously monitors the sources audio levels, allowing the level managing and avoiding any overshoot generated by the satellite or IP-Audio MPEG decompression.MPX inputs are decoded (L&R) and available to be used as sources for the Audio Changeover or MPX Changeover.


MPX Changeover features a UECP filter that allows the regeneration or filtering of any RDS service (PS, RT,RT+,IH,TMC,TA/TP), thus giving the user the chance to maintain, replace or filter any RDS parameter starting from the incoming RDS signal.With the optional Tuner, it becomes a Changeover / FM Monitoring System with integrated Tuner.TIGER E5 can manage and decode MPX and RDS signals, receive IP Audio streaming signals, receive and analyze Analog and Digital audio signals. Thanks to the 4 channels Audio changeover and MPX Changeover it can handle every kind of received signal in a transmitting site.


TIGER E3/E5 is fully configurable via WEB interface. Its web server is compatible with all the available web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari…).TIGER E3/E5 supports laptop, tablet and smartphones simplifying the browsing and setting of the device with its responsive-kind graphic interface that adapts the viewing mode according to the resolution and position (portrait/landscape) of the current viewing device.The provided WiFi USB dongle creates a specific WiFi hotspot that enables the access to the device without the need of cabled or wireless net.TIGER E3/E5 features 3 IPV4 and 3 IPV6 addresses to ensure concurrent connection for all the broadcasting and monitoring systems.


Any first-time user can take advantage of Tiger E3/E5 simplified settings management. EASY CONFIGURATION FUNCTION quickly and easily enables the user to set the working mode, while QUICK RDS SETUP brings the mostly simple way to set the main RDS parameters.IMPORT/EXPORT and PRESET MANAGER are available for a more advanced management of Tiger E3/E5.These functions apply to the whole device configuration or only to some selectable modules (SYSTEM, RDS, MPX, AUDIO, MULTIMEDIA and TUNER).TIGER E3/E5 uses a uSD card to create an automatic copy of all the device data whenever the user changes anything. If the device needs to be replaced or duplicated, the uSD card can be used to clone it.


Tiger E3/E5 features an endearing GUI (Graphical User Interface) that makes use of clear elements, rich of information. With a simple and straightforward selection of the available banners, it is possible to keep under control any function. The selected banners are always visible in any menu.Tiger E3/E5 displays in both graphical and numerical format all the input and output levels as well as the internally generated signals. The visualization can be numerical, bar graph or time related.


In the RDS section, a specific area is available for on-air RDS group analysis (static and dynamic) to evaluate services balancing.In the MPX section, spectrum analyzers display the MPX+RDS input and output signals.TIGER E3/E5 provides two independent listening paths for every internal audio source:Local: using the headphone socket on front panel and the display to select the sourceRemote: using the internal IP audio encoder that enables the remote audio receiving with different listening quality choicesThe MPX decoder let the user listen to the decoded L&R audio for any of the MPX sources, input, output or internal.


AxelTech TIGER E3 and E5 RDS Encoder

  • Full Datasheet and brochure can be seen here

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