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The AxelTech Macrotel X1 and Macrotel X2  are Digital Telephone Hybrids designed for a supreme audio quality. Macrotel X1 manages one POTS/PSTN line while Macrotel X2 can operate on two POTS/PSTN lines.Moreover, for every landline is available a switching “land-to-wireless mode” through one or two optional Quad Band GSM modules so to establish telephone connection where wired lines are not available.


Macrotel X1 and Macrotel X2’s telephone interface perfectly suits every phone line specs all over the world (country selectable via remote control software).


Special Features


The audio processing via DSP together with the automatic gain control (A.G.C) provides a loud and clear receiving level, always steady even when audio caller conditions changes continuously.Audio controls available on the Macrotel X1 and Macrotel X2 series are: echo canceller with a range from 16 to 32ms, 1 A.G.C stage, 2 Band Equalizer and Attenuator audio feature. Furthermore, the “hold” function allows you to put the caller On Hold before being On Air.


Macrotel X1 and Macrotel X2 front panel controls allow operators to manage phone calls easily, while the graphic display LCD shows Send and Receive audio levels.


The audio inputs and outputs are electronically balanced by XLR connectors; the send input has been designed to be managed as line level or microphone level to match perfectly each user needs. Channels are manageable via USB and Serial connection, or directly from Telco N-1 mixing console modules.


The software manages the phone hybrid operability globally, that means the user can change the working audio parameters and operative mode without any physical action on the equipments.Auto-ranging internal switching power supply allows to use the equipment all over the world. Macrotel X1 and Macrotel X2 fits 19" standard 1 RU.

AxelTech Macrotel X1 and Macrotel X2

  • Full Datasheet and brochure can be seen here

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