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The AxelTech FALCON X5 is part of the new generation of AxelTech audio processors and continues in the tradition of quality, reliability and cost effectiveness, maintaining the name Falcon: renowned and valued in the broadcasting environment all around the world.


The new Falcon platform marks a clear break with the previous generation and offers cutting-edge technology that feats the ease of use, exceptional performances and unparalleled sound quality, allowing to generate a modern sound of the highest quality.


FALCON features full connectivity with analog and digital audio I/O (over XLR connectors), 2 independent MPX outputs, USB, GPI and serial ports. The hardware bypass circuit is included in order to guarantee audio presence and programs continuity. FALCON series has built-in some extra special-features.The LAN port and the built-in Web Server allow to control the processor and tune audio from anywhere. The built-in digital Stereo Generator ensures an extremely precise MPX Signal. Composite Clipper, part of the Stereo Generator circuit, grant the maximum modulation level, according with the technical rules around the world. This allows each radio station to build their unique sound shape.


The optional embedded RDS Encoder performs a full digital processing, in compliance with RDS 2.0 (UECP SPB490), and provides 2 Data Sets with a wide range of static services, including Radio Text. The logging of output signal is a native feature and give many information about signals parameters. Stored information and time span can be customized and depend on the archiving size of the SD-Card or the USB flash drive.


Audio processing functions are all fully customizable: 5 bands compression control, adjustable drive and threshold, dual bands AGC, 3 bands equalization (Low, Mid and High frequency) and brightness control. The mono sounds phase control allows to give to the human voice a more natural and pleasant sound shape. The final limiter enhances the sound presence.40 memories allow to recall factory pre-sets or save new one to be restored according to customer needs.

The FALCON processors are equipped with a universal 90-260 V AC power supply, working at 50 or 60 Hz, ready to be used in every country around the world. Due to the low power consumption (max 15 W)


Different users have different needs. This is the reason why AxelTech feature a whole processors family with various models suitable for specific workflows. FALCON X7 is the full option version while FALCON X6 is the same model but without the controls on the front panel, suitable to be remotely installed anytime we need to manage remotely the appliance via WEB interface.FALCON X5, that includes the controls on the front panel, is the cost/effective version of the family.

The new FALCON audio processors integrate, as usual for AxelTech, many accessory features mandatory in the radio workflow - such as the RDS coding (optional) and Stereo Generation - but also looking at the innovative technologies - such as DAB.FALCON series equipment ensures top quality performances and exclusive audio. It features powerful DPSs, 5-bands architecture, dual bands AGCs, 3-bands equalizer, stereo enhancer, speech detector and 5 limiters. The comprehensive and accurate control of each audio parameter allows to shape perfectly the audio to broadcast unique and exceptional branded sound.











ADVANCED SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol)

Allows data interchange and simplified configuration of third-party appliancesconnected in the same LAN using shared datasets MIB.


Internal SD card whit OS for Disaster Recovery. Easily Upgradable via WEB or Windows application.



A configurable delay (from 0 to 10”) can be applied to the FM process in order to synch with those distribution channels having a significant latency like the DAB.


15 KHz processing allows to use it as FM Audio Processor.20 KHz processing for digital broadcasting, allows to use it as DAB Audio Processor, HD Radio Audio Processor, Sirius XM Audio Processor, Web Radio Audio Processor.


EBU R 128 and ITU-R BS.1770-4 Loudness Recommendations available for digital and analog radio processing chains compliant with every country loudness rules.


ITU BS.412 MPX Power Loudness Recommendations available for MPX processing chains compliant with every country loudness rules.


DanteTM option (compliant with AES67) provides an Ethernet connection for 1 Stereo Input and 1 Stereo Output, with independent and dedicated Level Control and Sample Rate Conversion.


The RDS encoder is compliant with the major international standards:UECP EBU SPB490 v7.05 and Cenelec in Europe and NRSC in the United States.The new "dynamic" features allow to manage many kinds of services:PS, RT, RT+, PTY, PTYN. Connecting the Falcon with the radio automation software it can manage manyadditional information such as song title, song artist, on-air program, speaker's name, etc. The nativeinterface with RSS feed format allows receiving directly news feeds and it is RDS 2.0 ready.

Voice processor

A dedicated processing section boosts presence of voice delivering a soft, silky sounding effect. Vocals are always on top of the mix making lyrics comfortably audible. Each instrument and vocalist gains dominium of its own space.

Extreme density.

The new FALCON processor is able to switch between any available source: Analog, Digital, MPX, AoIP…It's possible to add up to 10 seconds delay to MPX output to synchronize DAB signal (connected to analogue or digital output) to FM signal connected to MPX output. An embedded 

FALCON Audio Processor new series features a complete set of input and outputs connections. Analog and AES/EBU digital audio connections are standard aside of two buffered and independent multiplexed output (MPX+RDS) whit hardware bypass.Analog Input > Analog Output | Digital1 Input > Digital1 Output | MPX1 Input > MPX1 Output | MPX2 Input > MPX2 OutputThree USB ports (one on the front, one on the rear panel and one installed on the internal circuit board), are available.microSD allows to clone the whole setup from one Falcon to another one.Two AUX inputs (SCA) allows to connect an external RDS encoder. Another AUX input can receive the audio from another MPX processor and switch with the internal generated MPX, allowing to build a small network managed from radio automation system. Connection setup includes a Dante license that allows to manage AoIP Dante or AE67 signals: 4 inputs and 4 outputs.

FALCON X5 features a wide LCD monitor, TFT Technology (480x128) that shows the input and output processing, including the corrections for each band featured from the compressor, the limiters and the multiband AGC.



AxelTech FALCON X5 Audio Processor

  • Full Datasheet and brochure can be seen here

  • FALCON X5 FM/DAB+/HDRadio/WEB/DRM Digital Audio Processor

    FM/DAB+/HDRadio/WEB/DRM Digital Audio Processor 5 bands. 1RU. Analog, digital AES. 2x MPX out.. LCD display.


    Dante optional card for Audio Processor Falcon X series

    FX-RDS Digital RDS/RBDS encoder option for Falcon X.

    Static services generation: 60 PS programmable messages for each DataSet. 2 interchangeable DataSet via remote control. RadioText, Alternative Frequency AF, Traffic Program TP, Traffic Announcement TA, EON, M/S, CT, PI, PTY, PIN. UECP SPB490 compliant.



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