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The Audio Technica BP40 Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Hypercardiod Broadcast microphone provides natural sound reproduction for a variety of applications - radio, recording, post production ... thanks to its hypercardioid providing optimal isolation of the sound source and excellent off-axis rejection.


The 37mm capsule with a patented "floating edges" design optimizes the surface of the membrane and maximizes performance, while the humbucking coil (for noise compensation) prevents the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) (generated by the video monitors, power supplies, etc).


Due to its robust, all metal construction, the BP40 will be ideal in broadcast environments.

Audio Technica BP40 Microphone

  • The Datasheet can be seen here 

    • Large diaphragm dynamic microphone
    • Hypercardioid directivity with excellent off-axis rejection
    • Very sensitive to plosives ("P", "T") and soft on transitories
    • Conceived and designed for professional broadcast applications. Ideal for radio and post production studios
    • Its Humbucking voice coil prevents the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI)
    • Optimized positioning of the capsule to keep an impressive vocal presence
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