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The Aqua Broadcast PRIMA 600 FM Transmitter is a state-of-the-art heavy-duty, low power transmitter featuring high efficiency technology.


Being broadband and tuneable between 87.5-108 MHz, installation is easy and fast. The clear, easy to read LCD Display shows all Transmitter information. Along with the front mounted user control buttons quickly setup or make changes when needed.


The 1RU compact design with an output power of 600W also features a Stereo Encoder on board. Left and Right Analog Audio inputs, AES/EBU Digital Audio input and MPX allow for use in any situation.


Its easy to manage or control the PRIMA 600 from anywhere with its comprehensive remote control and Alarm’s facility. Control the PRIMA 600 via the WEB with TLC/TLS secure connection, as well as SNMP from anywhere with an Internet connection. Of course, parameter changes are also available, including 6 useful user presets, giving you the option to remotely change the unit if you have multiple broadcasting formats (please note the use of this is governed by your local regulator)


Whether the PRIMA 600 is used as a main low power Transmitter, back-up or remote site unit, you can be confident of 365/7 broadcast.

Aqua Broadcast Prima 600 FM Transmitter

£3,790.00 Regular Price
£2,653.00Sale Price
    • Frequency Agile Broadband tuning 87.5-108MHz
    • Modular and compact design
    • Overall efficiencyof more than 70%
    • MPX Input
    • Stereo Encoder with Analog L/R input, and AES/EBU input
    • Ultra-high signal to noise ration, extremely low distortion
    • User-friendly GUI
    • Remote Control via SNMP, WEB, and TLC/TLS
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