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A Aqua Broadcast Prima 300W FM Transmitter package with all the basic items you will need for Transmission in this power range*


The Transmitter features Analog, Dgital (AES/EBU)and MPX inputs. Remote Control via SNMP, WEB, and TLC/TLS is also standard letting you control the Transmitter on any web enabled device


This package includes the following items:-


1 x Aqua Broadcast Prima 300WFM Transmitter
1 x Label Italy AKF/1 Antenna
1 x Label Italy 30m cable RG213 N type Connectors


*Studio and other products are not included in this package.


Individual design to your specified requirements, free advise and best prices everyday ensure that the value AurasPro offers you goes beyond just great pricing.


Whether you already have a Radio Station, or want to start from scratch, AurasPro has the gear you need for your Transmission line STL, Studio and everything between.

Aqua Broadcast Prima 300W FM Transmitter Package

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