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The Aqua Broadcast Cobalt C100-I / 100W FM Transmitter is housed in a rugged, Industrial chassis, the Cobalt C50-I is designed for demanding environments, in an ultra -compact form that is designed to be mounted in various ways. 


With its maximum output power of 100W, Cobalt C100-I Transmitter has the same, superior audio quality and sound clarity of all other COBALT Transmitters clarity thanks to it‘s Direct to Channel Digital technology (DDS). Running on a fully customized LINUX OS system, this low distortion modulator is available on all models within the COBALT family of FM Transmitters. Inputs and outputs include Analog, AES/EBU, Digital MPX (AES192), ITU-R BS412.9 Limiter, Ethernet, USB, GPIO, GPS Sync with built in SFN capabilities.


The Cobalt C100-I does away with the Screen and front panel controls and is setup and controlled via its web-remote, on either Wi-Fi or LAN.


A standard DC Input lets you run the COBALT C100-I on a 48V DC power system and opens further possibilities for off-grid power options.


Radio market beating sound will let you stand out to your listeners, with its built-in 4 band Audio Processor with Bass enhancement, Pilot protection, Wide AGC and a whole bunch of expertly designed modern presets, so you sound great right from the start.

The advanced communication package with Intuitive web interface and remote control via Ethernet (https) lets you make changes or monitor the COBALT C100-I Transmitter.


Full SNMP management and the ability to send emails, alerts and monitor audio remotely gives you added confidence knowing you have full control from anywhere in the world on any device with a Web browser.


Easy access to all components and software controlled variable fan speed, will guarantee you low cost of maintenance. 


The highest AC efficiency, a compact design and reduced weight mean low cost of transportation and far the lowest total cost of ownership in its class.  

Aqua Broadcast Cobalt C100-I / 100W FM Transmitter

    • 100W
    • Rugged Chassis
    • 4 Band Audio Processing
    • Dynamic, UECP Compliant RDS Encoder
    • Direct to Digital Synthesized modulation
    • Digital MPX Encoder
    • MPX Power Limiter
    • Linux OS
    • RGB Screen
    • Ethernet Control and SNMP
    • GPS Sync
    • Auxiliary DC power input
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