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The Aqua Broadcast Cobalt C-700 FM Transmitter is a robust 700W FM Broadcast Transmitter, boasting FCC part 73 LPFM and IC certifications. Its exceptional audio quality and clear sound from the Direct to Channel Digital technology with minimal manipulation, maintains audio integrity.


Operating on a fully customized LINUX OS system, this transmitter features a low-distortion modulator available across all COBALT FM Transmitter models. Input and output options include Analog, AES/EBU, Digital MPX (AES192), Ethernet, USB, GPIO, GPS Sync with built-in SFN capabilities.


Tailored for applications like smaller transmitter sites, community, and college radio, or as an exciter requiring high-quality audio, the COBALT C700 ensures market-leading sound. It comes equipped with a built-in 4-band Audio Processor, featuring Bass enhancement, Pilot protection, Wide AGC, and a range of expertly designed modern presets for an impressive start.


The modern design with its Ultra-clear RGB display and Intuitive Joystick controls with Haptic feedback and silicon buttons allow for swift setup, ensuring you get on the air in no time.


The advanced communication package includes an intuitive web interface and remote control via Ethernet (https). Full SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 management, with the ability to send emails, alerts, and remotely monitor audio, provide confidence with global control from any device with a web browser.


An advanced automations package enables settings changes based on conditions, SNMP, GPI, or through the scheduler function – all built into the system.


Optional extras include;

  • 5 Band Audio Processor, fully adjustable for your output, gives you the edge with a complete all-in-one solution.
  • Dante® for crystal-clear digital audio connection from any Dante® compatible product or environment.
  • µMPX for STL, transporting a full FM composite MPX signal at a low bit rate of 320 kbit/s. Easily distribute audio to all your COBALT transmitters with the µMPX interface.
  • Dual Redundant PSU – Each PSU has its own AC input for true redundancy.
  • 48V DC Power input (power to exciter only, no RF power is available)
  • Externally Mounted Fans
  • Access to all components and software-controlled variable fan speed ensures low maintenance costs.


With the highest AC efficiency, a compact design, and reduced weight, the COBALT C-700 ensures low transportation costs and stands as the model with the lowest total cost of ownership in its class.

Aqua Broadcast Cobalt C-700 FM Transmitter

    • 600W
    • Dynamic, UECP Compliant RDS Encoder
    • Direct to Digital Synthesized modulation
    • Digital MPX with MPX power Limiter
    • GPS Sync 
    • Linux OS
    • RGB Screen
    • Ethernet Control
    • SNMP version 3
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