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Introducing the Angry Audio Studio Signal Light Gadget


The Signal Lights look great but how do I drive them? Glad you asked. The Signal Light cable ends with a female RJ45 connector. You’ll need 12VDC to light up the segments. This would be a fun project for an engineer with some spare time and… okay, scratch that. An engineer with spare time these days is about as common as an honest politician. Well, here’s a nice alternative. The Studio Signal Light Gadget. Purpose-built to drive the Signal Lights.


The Studio Signal Light Gadget has five LED drivers to light up to five different segments. Each segment has its own manual on/off switch so you can control them all right from the front panel. The Gadget can control the largest (5-segment) Signal Light. For smaller Signal Lights, just ignore the unused control sections. The LEDs on the front panel correspond to the segment colors. Besides manual control, the switches can be placed in the center AUTO position for control via the rear panel GPI connectors.


Every segment has a dedicated RJ45 for GPI. This makes it easy to use different devices to control different segments. Additionally, there is one RJ45 that contains all five segments which may be more useful when you want a single device to control all of the lights. The drivers are all wired to a single RJ45 port, pinned to exactly match the RJ45 port on the Studio Signal Light (of course). All you need is a CAT5 patch cable to connect the light and gadget.


Like all Angry Audio Gadgets, it is designed with generous margins (over engineered), and manufactured with premium materials and workmanship. The Studio Signal Light Gadget is a “just works” product built for broadcasting.


The Studio Signal Light is a really bright idea. Imagine one of these in every control room and every studio to give visual cues to talent and operators as needed. Everyone knows the red light means the mics are hot. But once the mics are hot, you might need to signal something. Maybe a light comes on to indicate a break is imminent. Or another light represents a ringing phone line. You’ll have fun figuring out how to use them. And once in place, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without them.


Please see the ordering options to choose your version.

Angry Audio Studio Signal Light Gadget

  • Please select from the following options:-

    P/N 991045U (230V/UK Plug)

    P/N 991045 (115V/USA Plug)

    P/N 991045E (230V/EUR Plug)

    P/N 991045A (230V/AUS Plug)



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