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Introducing the Angry Audio Mic Tally Gadget


We love those beautiful M!KA microphone arms, especially the ones with the built-in tally lights. The Mic Tally Gadget controls those tally lights. The 5-pin XLR connectors carry the microphone audio and the signal voltage for the tally light. The microphone signals are passed through to your preamps via RJ45 connectors in the StudioHub+ format. If you’re using an Axia xNode or a Wheatstone blade, a shielded CAT-5 patch cable is all you need for the preamp connection.


The Mic Tally Gadget can control four mic arm tallies at once. Each position has its own logic connector so you can use your console logic to turn on the lights. Each tally can be red or white. Some engineers will use one color to signify on-air and another color for ready, talk signaling, or some other bright idea. Front panel switches can be used to manually control the tally lights.


Like all Angry Audio gadgets, the Mic Tally Gadget is built to last. The all-steel enclosure, premium curated components, onboard linear power supply and generous design margins all contribute to the rock-solid reliability you demand from broadcast products.


The mic arm tally light tells each guest when the mics are hot. This simple idea can make an audible difference to talk-oriented programs. And because the M!KA tallies are bicolor, you can use the alternate color for signaling. One color for on-air, the other color for “pipe down and put on the cans.” Ahem. Or perhaps something else.


Quad driver for M!KA mic arms equipped with LED tally. Front panel status indicators and logic override switches. Includes four 5-pin XLR male cable connectors and four Axia GPIO adapters.


Please see the ordering options to choose your correct Plug type.


Angry Audio Mic Tally Gadget

  • Please select from the following options:-

    P/N 991012U (230V/UK Plug)

    P/N 991012 (115V/USA Plug)

    P/N 991012E (230V/EUR Plug)

    P/N 991012A (230V/AUS Plug)




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