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Introducing the Angry Audio C4 Audio Chameleon Audio Processor.


Our newest gadget on the bench. This is the C4 Livestream Audio Processor and Loudness Controller. Perfect for streaming audio, remote contribution, HD radio channels, network head-ends, even studio levelling (pre-processing) to get everything in the right zone for your OTA processor. 

Until now, program audio processing has been a very specialized product primarily used by broadcasters. These are typically expensive and complex products that require quite a lot of expert setup and tuning to sound their best. And when the format changes, the experts need to do it all over again. 

The C4 is self-tuning and takes an entirely new and innovative approach. We have created a flexible architecture that is controlled by an A.I. By constantly analyzing the incoming audio, It listens continuously to the incoming audio and adjusts its parameters dynamically to fit the format. Best of all, with the architecture under A.I. control, there’s nothing for you to do really.  It deploys in minutes, flip a few switches and it gets right to work. But don't let the simplicity fool you. The C4 is a full featured multi band processor that will give your programs all the consistency, loudness, punch, and sheen you crave. 

Stream loudness is governed by our exclusive precision loudness controller. When engaged, it can be adjusted from -24LUFS to -14LUFS, compliant with all the loudness standards from Apple, Amazon, AES and others.


Please see the ordering options to choose your correct Plug type.


Angry Audio C4 Audio Chameleon Audio Processor

  • Please select from the following options:-

    P/N 991036  115V/USA Plug

    P/N 991036A 230V/AUS Plug

    P/N 991036E 230V/EUR Plug

    P/N 991036U 230V/UK Plug


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