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Want to make your station sound better? Of course you do. But a brand new processor might set you back ten large or more. No spare kidneys to sell? No worries! You can make your existing processor sound dramatically better by feeding it with the Angry Audio C-LEVEL Audio Leveling Processor.


Use C-LEVEL as a pre-processor. Insert it between the mixing console and the OTA (over the air) processor and prepare to be amazed. It’s like having the perfect board operator getting all the elements exactly right every second of every show. C-LEVEL outputs a consistent -24LUFS signal which will always keep your OTA processor operating in its sweet spot.


While every OTA processor we’ve tried sounds better with C-LEVEL, some are just shockingly good. The most dramatic improvements could be heard on OTA processors in the modest price range. For example, when an Omnia VOLT was paired with C-LEVEL, the VOLT became an entirely different box, surprisingly competitive with processors costing 2-3 times more. Of course, C-LEVEL makes expensive processors sound better too!


Like all Chameleon processors, C-LEVEL adapts to the incoming audio. All processing parameters are controlled dynamically by our Chameleon expert software. Not only does this eliminate the complexity associated with other audio processors, but more importantly, it delivers the most transparent, natural sounding audio you’ve ever heard.


Angry Audio C-LEVEL Audio Leveling Processor

  • Please select from the following options:-

    P/N 991036  115V/USA Plug

    P/N 991036A 230V/AUS Plug

    P/N 991036E 230V/EUR Plug

    P/N 991036U 230V/UK Plug


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