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Introducing the Angry Audio Bluetooth Audio Gadget


There are plenty of ways a smartphone could be useful on air. Playing recorded audio, voice clips or music, for instance. How about using a SIP client as a codec? Or Skype or Zoom or social media sound? And of course, putting callers on the air. If only there was a professional bidirectional audio interface for cell phones…



Problem solved. The Bluetooth Audio Gadget makes it easy to put a smartphone on the air. Just pair your phone, and the Bluetooth Audio Gadget automatically negotiates the optimal codec algorithm (usually APT-X for Android, AAC for iPhone). Balanced audio I/O connects the Gadget to your console. The sound quality is amazing. And the Bluetooth Audio Gadget is bi-directional, so you can even send mix-minus to your caller.


Like all Angry Audio products, the Bluetooth Audio Gadget is built-for-broadcast with premium components like an all steel enclosure, internal AC power supply, and gold-plated audio connectors and switch contacts. Place it on your desktop, or mount it in your rack with our rackmount kit.

Order your Bluetooth Audio Gadget today. Your talent will call and thank you.


The Bluetooth Gadget is the modern way to connect phones, tablets and computers. Eliminate the messy cables and adapters and the annoying whine of digital ground loops. Equipped with AAC and the virtually-lossless APTX codec algorithms, the Bluetooth Gadget always chooses the best possible codec for the connected device. If you’ve been disappointed by the sound of Bluetooth in the past, the Bluetooth Gadget will change your mind in a really awesome-sounding hurry.


Bidirectional smartphone to PRO audio interface. Monaural analog input, stereo analog outputs, stereo digital output. Includes two StudioHub XLR audio adapters, and OMTP/CTIA adapter.


Please see the ordering options to choose your correct Plug type.


Angry Audio Bluetooth Audio Gadget

  • Please select from the following options:-

    P/N 991004U (230V/UK Plug)

    P/N 991004 (115V/USA Plug)

    P/N 991004E (230V/EUR Plug)

    P/N 991004A (230V/AUS Plug)




  • The Datasheet can be seen here

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