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Introducing the Angry Audio Bidirectional Stereo Balancing Gadget.


Professional applications use balanced audio for good reason. Balanced circuits offer many performance advantages compared to unbalanced audio, such as increased headroom and reduced noise from radiation and ground differentials. Sometimes, though, unbalanced devices are unavoidable. The Balancing Gadgets were made for those times.


All three Balancing Gadgets feature an internal low-noise linear power supply, direct coupled transformerless analog circuitry and our exclusive input design that suppresses common mode noise. The result is the most sonically-transparent devices available. Never any buzz, hum, hiss or RFI — just pure, clean sound, even with long unbalanced cables or a ground loop between the gadget and the source.


The Bidirectional Stereo balancing Gadget Converts one stereo pair from unbalanced to balanced and another stereo pair from balanced to unbalanced. Perfect for a recording device or a computer sound-card. All unbalanced and balanced signals are on RCA/Phono jacks and XLR connectors, respectively. Plenty of gain in the unlocked position means even low-level computer sound-cards are no problem.


The most common problem when ingesting unbalanced audio is the ground differential (often referred to as a “ground loop”) between source and destination equipment.  Unwanted noise appears on both the signal and shield conductors of the connecting cable.  Buzz and hum are the usual symptoms, but ground loops are also notorious for creating a path for RFI. Our exclusive active input circuitry dramatically suppresses common-mode noise on unbalanced sources.


 Though it is similar to an active differential input as used for balanced audio, it is able to maintain high CMRR (common mode rejection ratio) even when the source impedance is mismatched as is the case with unbalanced audio sources.   Not only will the balancing gadgets eliminate the hum and buzz of a ground loop, it will also reduce noise from external sources such as power lines and digital noisemakers.  You can even run long unbalanced cables between gear.  The balancing gadgets make it possible to use unbalanced equipment in professional applications without compromising performance. 


Two IHF inputs and outputs, two PRO audio inputs and outputs. Includes two stereo RCA cables, one stereo RCA to 3.5mm plug adapter, and two StudioHub XLR adapters.


Please see the ordering options to choose your correct Plug type.


Angry Audio Bidirectional Stereo Balancing Gadget

  • Please select from the following options:-

    P/N 991003U (230V/UK Plug)

    P/N 991003 (115V/USA Plug)

    P/N 991003E (230V/EUR Plug)

    P/N 991003A (230V/AUS Plug)





  • The Datasheet can be seen here

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