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The Alice Mic Amp PAK Solo without USB is a single channel mic amp with a audio transformer input and a sophisticated discrete input stage, gain control and balanced output.


Technical Specification

Min gain: 33.4dB
Max gain: 79.7dB
Frequency response:  20Hz to 20KHz +/- 1dB
Noise:  127.7dB below input at 70dB gain measured against 200ohm input 20Hz to 20KHz bandwidth
High pass filter switch: 12dB/8ve 3dB point 75Hz
Harmonic distortion: measured at 50dB gain –
At 95Hz  2nd order  -74dB, 3rd order -80dB. (0.02%)
At 1KHz  2nd order -84dB, 3rd order -72dB. (0.018%)
At 3.5KHz 2nd order -80dB, 3rd order -63dB. (0.08%)
Phantom power switch: 48 volts

The power supply is integral with the audio board and has linear regulators powered from an encapsulated mains transformer.

Mains ground is internally connected to audio ground
Supplied with 2m IEC mains cable
Rackmount ears supplied as standard

Mains supply: 230 V AC 3VA (115V via internal links)
Power consumption: 3VA
Dimensions: 275 (W) x 115 (D) x 42 (H)
Shipping Weight: 1.25Kg

Alice Mic Amp PAK Solo without USB

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