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Go big or go home!

Just launched, the new Aqua Broadcast COBALT C-3000 and C-5000 Fully Featured FM transmitters are compact, medium power products designed for all situations.

Featuring the usual COBALT features, these 3kW and 5kW Transmitters set new Technology standards with thier innovative DDS Transmitter with a whole bunch of features as standard.

The C-3000 and C-5000 COBALT Medium Power Transmitters have an industry standard 7/8” EIA output, ready to connect to your Transmission line.

They are powered by 3 phase AC power, and are also protected by a breaker at the rear.

COBALT Medium Power Transmitters are designed for durability and reliability with features such as redundant fans and hot-swap power supplies. The compact design also includes easily accessible, washable air filters on the front panels of the power supplies.

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